Culture and Creativity

Our Employees Drive Our Success

When I look at my roles and responsibilities as CEO of GL group, I don’t only think in terms of the 220 people directly employed here. The number I think of is closer to 850- our employees and all of their families. When we make a decision, we think about how it will affect the company. I want to make sure that no one at GL group has to go home and tell their family they’re out of a job because of a decision I made. We want our employees to feel secure, happy, and fulfilled in their roles at GL group – because without them we would sink.


We believe that focus on our employees and their families is the biggest reason GL group continues to find success. If our employees aren’t happy, we will not be successful. For me, it’s just logical. Our employees keep our business running – they’re selling our products, talking to our customers, fulfilling the orders, paying the bills – they do it all! If they’re not happy at work, they’re not going to do their job well. If they don’t do their job well, our customers and vendors will pick up on that and it will have a direct impact on our success.


That’s why we continue to add new WOW! benefits that meet our employees’ health, wellness, and family needs. It’s why we’re not afraid to spend some extra money on giving away vacations or providing tuition reimbursement. When we work hard to meet the needs of our employees both at work and in their personal lives, they are happier and healthier and the work they do just gets better.


We’ve all had jobs where we felt like just a number or felt like our supervisors and leadership were only focused on making money. It’s not a good feeling. When an employer is willing to give to their employees, their employees are willing to give back to the company! It becomes a relationship where everyone is not only working toward the same goal, but they’re doing it together and in a way that makes everyone feel supported.


WRITER: Gary Jaffe