We help our employees
reach their goals, both
personally and professionally.

Training & Development

Developing "tracks" for growth and personal development!

"The harder you work,
the luckier you get!"

At GL group, we are passionate about learning and education. We believe that learning never stops, and we believe in learning that positively affects the bottom line. Our internal training and development program, Lucky U, helps drive personal and professional development.

Our Programs

Employees participate in classes based on their specific career goals and companywide initiatives. Classes include:

Master the 7

Master the 7 is a program designed for new managers and future leaders to help teach them seven aspects of management/leadership that we have identified as key to a manager's success within our organization.

Emergent Leader

A program that aims to build our internal talent bench by grooming high-potential employees for future roles and responsibilities within the company

For learning to be effective, employees must be fully invested in the results. Classes fall under several learning tracks that have been identified as positively affecting the bottom line. Through our tracks, employees are able to see how training connects to the overall success of the company as well as their own growth plans.

People participating in a Lucky U session.
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