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FORBES: Five Tips To Fix Your Culture When It Stops Working

date posted:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Five Tips To Fix Your Culture When It Stops Working

 Lisa Whealon

Chief People Officer at GL group, overseeing all HR functions for the three-division company.

Lisa Whealon Lisa Whealon , Forbes Councils

Everyone knows that when you eat poorly and stop going to the gym it eventually takes a toll on your body and health, even though you may not see the immediate results of a cheeseburger here or a Netflix marathon weekend there. This consistent behavior will lead to bigger issues that will come out of nowhere.

Think about your company culture as it is right now. Are you feeding it cheeseburgers and encouraging it to run on autopilot? Or are you checking its pulse, putting in continuous efforts to keep things running in line with your values?

No culture is perfect and there will always be situations that need attention and adjusting. When that happens, I encourage other leaders within our business to not focus solely on the issue, but rather to focus on responding in a way that continues to build what we believe in. When an internal situation causes disruption, how the organization and leaders choose to respond will dictate future success.

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